Andrew Gemmill
watercolour artist
New Book "Watercolour Sketching with Andrew Gemmill"

"Watercolour sketching with Andrew Gemmill" is intended to provide a
straightforward outline of my way of painting in watercolour. Most artists
have more in common than they may suppose, certainly in terms of
technique, but all the same everyone's work is unique and different. Some
well wishers and students have been the inspiration for me to write this
book, although their contention that there is some originality in my work is
perhaps more than I would claim. It has turned out to be a rather
informative book for anyone who loves watercolour and could be of
particular interest to those who would like to try their hand at this wonderful
and charming medium.
I take a brief look at the place of watercolour in the history of art and refer to
some of the greatest exponents of watercolour painting who have been my
inspiration. I include some paintings showing the stages or layers of how
they were done. I examine as simply as possible the complex and
challenging world of colour and colour mixing, the basic materials needed
and the procedures I have adopted to find my own way of working.
The second section is a gallery of paintings comprising a selection of those I
have done over the years and covers a wide range of subjects, mostly places
I have been to. Most have been sold or have disappeared from view, but
there are still some that are available.

  Andrew Gemmill Watercolour book cover
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